Mechanical Motion

Here are tutorials, diagrams, and grasshopper definitions that demonstrate ways to think about surfaces as vectors of motion, as relationships between parts of a whole, and as systems.


Fabricating Gears

With a laser-cutter, making your own gears is a simple process.  This tutorial describes how to use Inkscape, a free program, to accurately draw and print vector images of gears.

Introduction to Firefly & Arduino

A simple tutorial for beginners

A comparison between the Arduino & Firefly interfaces

A list of troubleshooting solutions for the frustrated

A Resistor Decoder 

Projects 2011 Asclepias

Asclepias high flow distributor pdf

Nathan Burgess

fall 2011

projects 2011 V A D A

Voice Activated Dancing Arduino pdf

Ryan Lewandowski, Katherine Treppendahl

fall 2011

Projects 2011 Spillways

spillways pdf

Rebekah Dye

fall 2011

Projects 2011 Pandora

interactive pandora pdf

note: large file!

Qiufan Wu, Amelia Einbender-Lieber, Nicole Keroack

fall 2011